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We are a software & web development company

Who We Are

A good team will be the backbone of your business. Due to the effectiveness of MagiTech, the company bloomed and received worldwide clients. Giving us the responsibility to step up our game to further illuminate the path for an avid business person. Having clients in almost every country of the world has helped us develop into an aspiring company.

About MagiTech

MagiTech is a software and web development company started by a team of developers in Peshawar. With a goal and expertise of turning people’s dreams into reality. Offering unique ways to set yourself aside from your competitors, helps you with web development and branding. Ensuring growth, you will be surprised to see.

What We Do

Since day one, MagiTech has worked on expanding not only businesses but also their expertise in product designing and exposure. Our aim for each of our customers is to provide them with a professional team that focuses on boosting their business, whether it be related to web design or digital marketing.Our area of expertise mainly comprises of Web development, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Designing, Photography, and Digital marketing. And the most important, branding.



Whether it is a home-based or an industrial company, they can both reap the benefits of MagiTech. At MagiTech we assure you not even the smallest stone will be left unturned, our services include the following:

Web Development


Digital Marketing

Graphic Designing

How Do We Ensure The Best Solutions For Your Business

This is a question any of our coming-to-be clients might have, and rightfully so, it deserves an elaborate answer.
Simply, by working alongside worldwide clients, professionals at MagiTech have gotten a keen eye to identify any issue that's letting you from owning a successful business. More so, each member of the team is well adept at what they do and helps not only at fixing the issues keeping you from growth but also employing techniques to harness maximum consumers. Our experience of working on more than 1000 websites in a short span backs this up.

How Can Our Services Impact You

Aesthetic websites and well-designed posters are the trademarks of a good business. MagiTech, a company emphasizing innovations, takes the hassle out of launching your online business. By directly targeting any hindrances your business might face. And applying methods that bring value to your goods, guarantees you more exposure.

Our Clients


This is the second time I’ve used MagiTech Service. The work I needed done on my website this time was harder, but they solved the problems and did just as I asked. I’ve got a few more bits to ask them to do, but my website is finally looking and functioning how I wanted from the start. Thanks. Definitely will use them again.


The only delays experienced were my fault, fantastic communication, and great at everything overall! I Will definitely be doing more work in the future with this Agency, they definitely knows what they are doing, highly recommended. You won't be disappointed!


MagiTech, is providing excellent and very responsive service. Everything was done in a swift manner and exactly as I described. I will definitely be working working with MagiTech again in the future!


Absolutely one of the best, if not the best service out there. Had a backend w.p dilemma that was difficult, however, they solved the problem. Great communication, very patient and great skills. Went way beyond their scope of work.. Thank you once again MagiTech...!

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